Thoughts I Have On A Plane Beyond the Panorama April 9, 2023

Thoughts I Have On A Plane

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There’s something about hopping on a plane and just leaving. 

Something so romantic about escapism, just the idea of having something you can fall back on: nothing. 

It’s the luxury of choice, one that leads you nowhere but gives you the most happiness. 

There’s something about being mid-air, popping ears, steaming a cup of noodles, sipping on coffee that sounds more appealing than it does on land. 

The absolute disconnect between you and the rest of the world. 

The confrontation you are forced to have with your thoughts. 

The numbing conversation between you and your mind. 

Even the music blaring through your headphone can’t keep it quiet. 

There’s something about touchdown that makes you feel fulfilled. 

Like you’ve achieved something, but all you’ve been doing is waiting. You’ve successfully achieved the goal of waiting. 

It makes you think: maybe I should set smaller goals to achiever higher satisfaction? 

Is that the secret to contentment? 

Maybe it is. 

But right now, I have to get off the this plane, change into better clothes, go to that meeting, and bag a million dollar deal.

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