Tied Wings Beyond the Panorama July 23, 2020

Tied Wings

Managed to be set free, the canary soar,

High into the sky, the Vault of Heaven she tore;

Elated to be able to feel the ecstasy,

Oh well though, flying wasn’t that easy.

When in the cage, she wished to be out,

Now in the sky, she flew with doubt;

Was the cage a better place?

Her mind asked, looking for solace.

Betty loved her, so did Uncle Jack

Seeing her unbound, they didn’t want her back

But she loved to fly, well she was made for it,

The glorious sun, that sky moonlight

Though unsafe and threatened all the time,

She longed for this freedom, sedative and sublime.

Lowering her gaze, the canary spotted her kin,

Flying to them was committing a sin.

For birds born in the cage shouldn’t dream of skies-

They said, be grounded, be barred and always dream wise.

In times like these, she couldn’t help but think,

Protected in a “cage”, or free with Tied Wings?

Somya Chaturvedi
Somya Chaturvedi

An Economics student at Lady Shri Ram, Delhi University, Somya writes compelling poetry and short reads. 

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