Time Repeated Itself Beyond the Panorama August 31, 2021

Time Repeated Itself

Written by Tanvi Das

The evening was penetrating the town as slowly as ever,

As the seconds of time floated away,

The boy knew it was the last time he would be seeing his parents,

“It is going to be over soon dear, don’t worry, we will be back soon”, he heard them say.

As they left for the war, the butlers and his royal maid stayed back with him, 

“It is going to be a night of death and gloom”, she said.

As the night came, the carnage began,

The roars of the valiant warriors, led by the boy’s parents, echoed the town so dim,

The boy stayed up all night in fear and anxiety,

The next day, the boy’s parents did not return, “they are dead”, it hit him.

“I will carry on our name and legacy”, he promised to himself as he broke down.

As he wept, the whole town shed tears at the death of their saviors, 

they deeply mourned as the boy, their to-be emperor, the prince was crowned.

Time flowed on, day turned into months, months turned into years,

The crown-prince became coronated as the emperor, he also became a warrior so skilled,

For every gladiator fight which took place on special occasions,

The people cheered as the opponent gladiators, from other kingdoms, by the emperor, were killed.

The day came when the kingdom got their empress,

They lived a life of joy and merriment. 

Not long after, the empress gave birth to the kingdom’s crown princess,

They were a satisfied family, they were pricelessly happy of the gift, which god had sent.

The princess grew up to be a sweet and kind little girl, full of glee,

The family lived with unbreakable bond and the kingdom was lit bright. 

One sorrowful day, the emperor got to know about the upcoming war,

He took upon the kingdom’s strength and military strategy in his sight.

The day of despondency approached as slow as ever,

As the emperor got ready for the bloodshed,

“Father, when are you going to come back? I am scared”, the girl said, tears stroking down her cheeks. 

Remembering his parents words, he replied, “It is going to be over soon dear, don’t worry, I will be back soon”, as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

The girl hugged her father one last time, her small hands wrapping around his neck,

“please be back soon father, I am scared”, she cried as she held him. 

As he went on to lead the war, grief and trust, was what his heart had to battle between.

That night, the princess and many other families lost a part of their life,

The kingdom got its lionhearted heroes etched in the history, who sacrificed themselves, so their families would survive.

The princess made a promise to herself, ”I will carry on our name and legacy”, as she, her mother and the kingdom mourned.

That ambivalent day of gloom and hope, the to-be empress, the princess was crowned.

Tanvi Das
Tanvi Das

Tanvi writes gripping short stories and poetry that makes you wonder about things you never did before.

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