Time Beyond the Panorama July 17, 2021


Written by Soujanya Hiremath

Now that you have passed

leaving pieces of hope in your way, 

I realise that it never could last. 

If it were not for your play

nowhere here nowhere there

not even in future I lay, 

you were then better and fair

if I am honest to say; 

Maybe it was you in a hurry

it seemed so less and small, 

or maybe it was me in fury. 

I didn’t realise it at all, 

You were just time at its might. 

Little did I know your devours

that you made it seem quiet, 

hours like seconds and seconds like hours. 

Soujanya Hiremath<br>
Soujanya Hiremath

A lover of poetry and storytelling, Soujanya also expresses her views on the world through her writings. 

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