To a Silence With Love Beyond the Panorama March 18, 2021

To a Silence With Love

Written by Sauradeepa Raha

The sky wearing an autumnal hue

sighs overhearing the last whispers

of the dangling aspen leaves before

they spiral down lifeless on the ground

saturated verses of cryptic emotions

diffuse out with every breath we release

and float in the whirlwinds

the breeze lulls them to dormancy

till they hang in the air sweet and heavy

but we, the long lost children of romanticism

and heartbreak, are afraid of the bitter aftertaste

that lingers once the sugar sublimates.

You and I are the yellowing pages of letters

written summers ago on a youthful afternoon

in euphoria with a tangerine ink

and tucked between the pages

of a leatherbound hardback

which never made it to their destinations. 

Mother often talks of a dilapidated post office

with fading crimson walls at the end of the street

she says it’s tragic how passersby refrain from

looking at the letterboxes choking with reveries stitched by cherry blossom souls,

however letters continue to pile within

for human heart is the strangest of creatures

that knows it will shatter but never fears to.

There’s a language your eyes speak in

on a saturday evening, your chortles

drop unconscious phrases while you are

too drunk on the liquid amber martini

of sunsets and nostalgia

because silence isn’t a lover’s forte. 

Silence, I have come to know, is a language

that erodes into amorphous dialects

on a tongue it has been left unmastered

of late, they are making spaces for themselves

in the folds of my poems

where I have promised to keep them safe, intact and undeciphered

until we learn to translate

and all the letters of the letterbox get mailed

till we dare to drench in the sweetness

unmindful of what would follow next

and until the falling leaves croon vows of spring

to a giggling sky overhead

Sauradeepa Raha
Sauradeepa Raha

Sauradeepa is a poet, a storyteller, and never stops herself from voicing her opinion on society.

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