To Be or Not to Be Beyond the Panorama July 9, 2020

To Be or Not to Be


Positive thinking, positive quotes, ‘go with the flow’, ‘everything comes to you at the right time’, ‘be patient’ and so on and so forth. Every day, we all exchange these kinds of quotes with each other. 

But do you really think that we actually are positive, or that we suddenly feel positive after reading these motivational quotes? 

It seems simple to read all the motivating/positive quotes, but when it’s time to implement them, it takes efforts for them to come into our natural positive behavior.

One of the most famous and well-known sayings of all time has indeed stood the test of time. Aren’t we all living in the same era of mystical beliefs where a hero comes and saves us from our troubles, while the truth is, we ourselves are those heroes who come out of all odds and live a humble yet heroic life- known as a common man’s life.

Yes, it is full of sorrows and joys, pains, and miseries yet it doesn’t give up. It thrives against all odds, detests all natural laws, outshines every obstacle. 

What we never realise while doing those heroic deeds is that we were indeed the ones doing it. We enacted every scene. We lived every inch of it. However, we feel humble and obligated to the quotes referred to us by others. We all need a hero who we can follow and idolize. Feel safe under his wings. Feel protected and wish to hide forever under those beliefs.

There was and never will be a hero besides yourself. It has always been you- your efforts, your strength, and your fierce tendency to protect your loved ones who saved you from all ill happenings, all while we still are humble enough to give it away to some nice quote or a statement.

Are we really believing in what is being told? Our subconscious mind wishes to believe that but the truth of the matter is that we calm our emotional outbursts with such quotes and eventually do what needs to be done. 

We stand in queues each day for school admissions,  job interviews, buses to arrive, while we continue giving the credit to others only because we have never believed in ourselves.

Isn’t it time already?

Monica Suri
Monica Suri

Monica writes short stories about Vietnam and her experiences from travels across the world. 

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