To Believe and To Let Go Beyond the Panorama November 20, 2022

To Believe and To Let Go

beyond the panorama

There is a tide,

That flows to the land,

To the land that’s called life,

Like something unplanned.

We wish this tide never hit our shores,

That we never set foot on the deadliest conquests; 

We wish we never opened the doors,

That only give us aching hearts and duress.

We wanted to forget the uncertainty,

We wanted to breathe in peace;

But the tide hit us with fury,

Hurting us to the core and crease.

We thought we wanted to seize the moment,

And wanted to keep trying,

Till the very last word was said,

But all that struggle left us stupefied.

We dared to dream, dared to believe,

If this takes any sacrifice,

We would not grieve,

Till blood runs on our hands and that would suffice.

We dreamt of that dream passionately,

It was near and in our grip,

But the tide gave way to ferocity,

And everything shattered in a blink. 

We felt like the failure won’t hurt much,

But when it came, it escaped into fear;

And our blissful hopes, crushed,

Into powdered sand and droplets of tears. 

Somehow in our dreams, there was a lack,

That made us desire it without a thought; 

Maybe in the future, our circumstances will not be black,

Black by some inevitable blots… 

Blots that will always come our way,

To teach us to accept and let go,

They will turn into gleaming rays,

That will just shine and grow. 

Because everything happens for a reason,

It is difficult to realize it now, 

This belief will pass like the changing seasons,

And we will take surrender and bow. 

We will let go and rise above,

All the shackles and problems,

Like a weightless dove,

Stands tall on the longest columns. 

Of righteousness and virtue,

Because it shall pass,

And life will bring you,

The clearest glass. 

To make you see through,

The days you thought were hard,

Were the days that gave you a view,

To make you believe that it will pass.

(Picture credits: Pexels)

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