To the Ones Who Achieved and the Ones Who Didn’t Beyond the Panorama August 6, 2021

To the Ones Who Achieved and the Ones Who Didn’t

It was calm,

It was soothing,

Crazy, how she could achieve this.

The nights are secretive,

Love feels lost,

Even though it isn’t.

The days expected to be bright,

But are just as dark.

The clouds shift noticeably,

Thinking they cheated death.

Clash and Clang,

When both wondrous looking clouds,

Pulled out their fangs.

The rain came,

Dangerously heavy,

Destroying all the calm that the moon gave,

And I had received.

Death closed upon the pounds of smoke,

Ones who were left with anger.

The water dropped down her face like fake tears,

‘Fake, fake’ they chanted to her so much,

She couldn’t believe herself to be real.

The night, though quiet,

Brought ruckus.

It brought the ones who didn’t care,

And the ones who couldn’t perceive.

Tears uncared for,

Real this while.

The rain, noisy as ever,

Echoed through the parks of town.

The paint covered her,

Red all over.

Water washed the paint off,

Rough and spiked and stingy,

Destroying all the brightness the Sun radiated,

And I had received.

Couldn’t have the imaginative goods,

Blinking through the lights,

That were always too bright for me.

Bit by bit,

Was the blind achieved,

And so was death.

Manvi Malani<br>
Manvi Malani

Manvi writes movies and book reviews, travelogues, poetry, short stories and articulately expresses her opinions of society. 

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    August 27, 2021, 6:55 PM

    This is amazing, Vin! 💯💯

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    October 15, 2021, 7:30 PM

    It’s simply awesome… The simplicity and depth… Just can’t define.. really amazing work.. Keep it up, looking forward for more!!

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