Turning The Winter Page  Beyond the Panorama February 11, 2023

Turning The Winter Page 

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Tinted panes and chapped lips, there’s nothing I miss more than this. 

Nothing compares to the sunshine in the winter, the warmth cascading down on bare skin and glowing like glitter in the air. It’s magical when you see it that way. 

Oversized sweaters and chunky boots, there’s nothing I miss more than this,

The feeling of simmered-down soup on my freezing lips. Wringing my arms about, sitting on them to generate heat in a way that society would never accept me for. Thick blankets draped on our dangling legs as we lay cuddled, talking about nothing and no one but everything and everyone at once. 

It was pure magic. 

Right now, the seasons are changing slowly but steadily, and all winter long I have done nothing but complain. But watching the snow melt and the warm sunshine become hot sunshine, I crave the feeling of the cold once again. 

I crave the feeling of the cold once again. 

There’s nothing I miss more than that.

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