Unanswered Questions Beyond the Panorama August 23, 2021

Unanswered Questions

Written by Archita Nayak

I’ve seen people around me


hustling, and then achieving

what they want. Feeling of insecurities,

mixed with anxieties,

resides in each one of my cells.

I have started considering myself- a frog in the well,

by seeing them exploring

and living,

and accomplishing

their dreams,



I have started underestimating myself,

by seeing my friends with all their organized plans.

I have started to question myself

“Why can’t I be what I wanted to be?”

“Why can’t I just allow myself to live freely?”

“Why am I so afraid of not being practical?”

“Why am I so afraid of being emotional?”

“Why am I so afraid of following my heart, just for once?”

“Why am I not believing myself and turning to none?”  

Believe me, I’ve seen TEDx talks by strugglers,

speeches by motivators,

quotes by philosophers,

self-help books by writers,  


it’s just not helping!

I feel like I’m losing.

I feel like I’m failing.

I feel like I’m sinking, every passing minute!

I’m here seeking realizations,



and abandoning myself.

I’m here listening to



and overhearing myself.  

and that’s the problem,

The more I try to live,

the more I end up surviving.

The more I need

the more I’m away.

The more I try to seek,

the more I expect,

and the more I hurt.  

There were these unanswered questions

making my void

more hollow.

Making myself

more shallow.

There were these stagnant rivers,

frustrated by staying calm,

for years,

waiting for a gush of wind,

so that they can be

wild and free!

There were these veins with boiling blood,

afraid of bringing the flood

afraid of turning myself into none.  

I was there rushing into everything,

seeking anything,

yet gaining nothing!  

But as my mother once said,

“This too shall pass.”

And, I’m here gathering my broken bones

to tread that way.

Archita Nayak
Archita Nayak

Archita is a storyteller and poet, using her creativity to narrate experiences, reviews, and thoughts on spirituality.

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