Under the Moonshadow Beyond the Panorama August 17, 2021

Under the Moonshadow

Written by Tathagata Banerjee

When all was said and done,

Zebra crossings have known

Half-swallowed words

Parting gifts of farewell names, murmured…

Cafeteria doors dripping in nostalgia

I’ve walked away, just like we eventually do

Lingering voices that check in well-being

And one day, you forget to that you’ve reached home.  

Half-asleep, soft apologies drown or fade away

Glass windowpanes know solitude soliloquies.

There’s some murmurs that only the silence knows I’ve heard the echoes of flashback stories,

Over and over again…

Faraway detours that take you away

From clumsy crowds

And you’ve shared moonshadow stories

Underneath the midnight sky…

Parallel lines in sand, we’ve played tic tac toe

And one day, timelines diverge.  

Left behind mementos of gift-wrapped pains,

Faceless digital avatars,

And co-signed pseudonyms

The finality of definite blue lines slowly sinks in.  

Under the moonshadow, I’ve bid a stranger adieu.

Tathagata Banerjee
Tathagata Banerjee

A lover of poetry and short stories, Tathagata also writes sports related articles and reviews on books and movies. 

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