Underwater Beyond the Panorama July 18, 2020


It is the breaths that a drowning person takes

When he can’t hold back. 

Pain seers into his brain. 

Comfort becomes his best man, 

Water, his lover. 

It is like talking underwater

To the child of ten who is learning how to swim. 

You hold his legs

Kicking for the love of life.  

Instinct to live 

Outweighs everything else. 

It is the breaths you take

Blowing bubbles under water, 

In a space far from the hopeful sky. 

Would you give up your lungs

For the love of bubbles? 

Niangthianmuang S Ngaihte
Niangthianmuang S Ngaihte

Niangthianmuang writes riveting poetry and captivating short stories.

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