Use 1 Blog Post To Create 1 Week’s Social Media Content  Beyond the Panorama August 1, 2022

Use 1 Blog Post To Create 1 Week’s Social Media Content 

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Writing long-form content takes time, research, effort, sweat, tears, coffee, and sleepless nights.
Well-written blogs deserve more than just a link share on social media. There’s so much you can do with every single blog and in this article, we’re telling you how to scratch that surface. 

Here is how you can use one blog post to create a week’s worth of social media content. It would help if you did this as an activity. Choose any blog post and look at it from the lens we are about to present. 

The simplest way to amplify your blog post on social media channels. Share your blog’s link with a catchy caption and the relevant hashtags. 


Pick the key pointers from the blog and create a carousel with images or graphics. If the blog is a listicle, create carousels with a few points and direct people to the website to read the rest.  

Reel It Feel It

Think about how your blog can be cinematographed into a reel. Show products and use pointers from the blog post, or get a team member to communicate the key message through a trending audio. Yeah, it does sound funny but you gotta do what you gotta do – #ReelKaroFeelKaro 

Text-Based Post

Simply copy-paste some of the pointers or paragraphs onto a LinkedIn post. Not everyone in your audience would have clicked on the link you share a few days ago. A portion of the unaware population might end up reading this text-based post. 

Summarise With Video 

Animation is the name of this game. Create an engaging video with content from the blog post. For anybody who is interested in reading the entire blog, link the blog. For the ones just interested in the video, encourage them to like, share, and comment! 

Questions & Polls 

On Instagram Stories, or on LinkedIn – ask people a question or run a poll relevant to the blog. For example, if your blog post is about why skincare for men is essential in 2022, ask people if they have a skincare routine. Then share the blog that highlights the benefits of skincare. 

Founder’s Quote 

Use snippets from the blog, add your picture and tell your audience what the founder is saying! People love knowing the team that is building brands, the face behind the product. Humanize your brand through personal branding and yes of course, get them to read the blog post!

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If you don’t have SEO-optimized blogs already, it is the need of the hour! 2022 and beyond will be the years of organic growth and search engine optimization will fuel this. We work with brands to chart out the content strategy – blogs and beyond. Reach out to us by clicking on this link. 

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