Using the Keys of Life Beyond the Panorama February 5, 2022

Using the Keys of Life

Written by Parshva Mehta

Keys are mostly simple objects but their power is often amusing,

For the tiniest of them gracefully enchant the sturdiest into opening.

One may not recognise its value when it is lying idle,

But if used aptly it could potentially grant access to the invaluable.

Unutilised, scrapped, or lost among others,

And you will be denied the right to use your rightful treasures.

Life also presents with its share of opportunities, whose keys we hold,

The treasure is unlocked only if the correct key is used within the time told.

Thus, one should invest his time in recognizing his keys,

So that cometh the moment one can unlock the door and any chances, squeeze.

Because, unlike humans, no master key is created by Life,

And pricking a lock from someone else’s bunch is only the work of a thief.

Parshva Mehta
Parshva Mehta

Parshva writes about spirituality, poetry, and this opinions on the world. 

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