Vibes Do Matter Beyond the Panorama July 8, 2020

Vibes Do Matter


Waking up to a warm wish and a smiling face, 

Will keep your work going at a steady pace. 

Though you have a pile of work lying on the table, 

The positive vibes will keep you stable.

Feel like snuggling under the sheets, to cry and not face the world,

Cheer yourself up with your favorite mantra to get up and come out well-deserved.

Breathing in, holding it in for some time and letting it out, 

Getting habituated to this would make your life better, giving your insecurities clout. 

Encountering negative talks, disappointing news and, bullies,

Would make your day worse, brooding over them would fetch us no cookies.

And so I say vibes matter, 

don’t shatter, 

for anything that happens,

just keep your life in a balance.

Sit erect, stand straight and walk with shoulders held high,

Beaming with confidence and shoot for the stars in the sky.

Losing composure during difficult times is very common,

Do deeds that make you feel good about yourself and move on.

Life is too short to feel sorrow for something that weighs us down. 

Instead, have fun enjoying the little things, wearing a crown.

It is, after all, a single life we have,

Make the most out of it with care and love.

Ramya Basker
Ramya Basker

Ramya writes thoughtful poetry and short stories about her observations and experiences in society. 

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