Vulnerabilities Beyond the Panorama September 2, 2020


Show me your world and I’ll show you mine

I’ll paint it with colors like velvet fine

Look into my soul with those eyes

that know the darkness inside.

Let me look and I’ll let you pry.

Play me the tunes and I’ll sing you a lullaby 

I’ll find some chords to symphonize,

Hold my hand and show me a garden

that’s blooming into life.

Looking at the skies, we’ll both sigh.

Show me your vulnerabilities and I’ll show you mine.

I’ll write a poem to you about moonshine.

Talk to me in that voice

that embraces all my flaws.

Lost in conversations, we’ll both rejoice.

Hang with me one starry night and I’ll show you a shooting star.

I’ll make a wish by your side.

Walk with me in meadows

where the grass grows knee-high,

Walk to the end of the empty street

and I promise I’ll meet you on the other side.

Zaigam Akhtar
Zaigam Akhtar

Zaigam writes poetry, short stories, his thoughts on society, as well as his critiques on movies and books.

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