Wait a Little While Longer Beyond the Panorama July 20, 2020

Wait a Little While Longer


I know you are waiting to grow up 

I know you want to feel free 

And that you think this is how it’ll always be 


Just wait a little while longer 

I know you can’t and I know it’s a struggle 

I know you’re ready to fight the world 

I know your family loves you 


Just wait a little while longer 

You’ll never have to fight the world 

But at times I feel that would’ve been easier 

Because at the end of your blissful childhood 

Is a cave 

A dark cave filled with things you can’t imagine 

A cave full of your insecurities and self-inflicted pressure 

I know you can’t even spell anxiety 


Just wait a little longer 

Because you will be able to spell it soon 

Feel it soon and you will wish nothing was wrong with you 

You have my word that you’ll deal with it 

And no one will ever know except you 

But at times I imagine it would be better if people did 


Just wait a little longer 

And you’ll see how happy you are right now 

You will miss being strong and confident 

Because when you’re older you’ll have to pretend to be 

And trust me you’re good at pretending. 

But it’ll be over soon and you’ll be stronger than ever 

But for now, 

Just wait a little longer 

Don’t let go 

These are your favorite years 

And you’re beautiful 

I know you’re stubborn and I know you don’t listen to people 

But you tiny little creature 

You tiny little me 

Just hold on for a little while longer. 

Amritanshi Rathore
Amritanshi Rathore

Amritanshi, a student at Lady Shri Ram College, writes thought-provoking and heartfelt stories, poetry, and all things culture.

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