Want to start writing? Here are 2 very simple tips Beyond the Panorama June 24, 2022

Want to start writing? Here are 2 very simple tips


If you’re struggling to execute your thoughts onto paper, contemplating your abilities and skills, or just are in a slump – we’ve got news for you; it’s totally normal! All the problems mentioned above are important elements of the writing process and shape your experiences that reflect your tone and style. 

Whether you’re thinking of taking up writing as a full-time career or as an art form that you’re striving to practice and perfect, there are a couple of tips (we hate using that word around here, but alas…) that may be of help to you.

While the internet may give you listicles of generic advice, we’re keeping things short and to the point. You only need to practice these two items to bring out the best writer in you.

It’s genuinely as simple as that. 

1. Get personal, not personalized

The most mature piece of literature comes from personal experiences. However, that does not mean you only have to write about your life or what you have seen. Incorporate your learnings from personal experiences into your writing to give your body of work a sense of individuality, a personality of its own. You don’t have to be the character you’re writing about, but ensure the character is adding some value to your story. 

2. Schedules are good but can be counterproductive

Schedules can help keep you on track, but sometimes creativity blossoms at random times or dips at other times when you’re supposed to be focused. If you find yourself bored and uninspired on a Thursday at 3:00 PM, that’s ok! It may just happen that because of tight schedules, you begin writing when you’re not in the mood, and the outcome turns out to be something you aren’t happy with. We’re not asking you to ditch timelines and let loose, but sometimes, you can get a random spurt of inspiration at the most inconvenient places; it’s at this time you must jot down your ideas and thoughts, no matter what flight or picnic you’re on. 

The most important thing to remember: you are your own boss.

You’re in complete control of your creativity; you only need to master the execution. Be smart about it and give yourself time to adapt to this new writing habit; before you know it, you’ll be marveling at your magic. 

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