We’re All in This Together Beyond the Panorama March 25, 2021

We’re All in This Together

Written by Sneha Shastri

The universe is a mystery, 

Each being striving to create history. 

With every dawn, there is a change in the harmony. 

With every dusk, there creeps in a new craving. 

But we have got no gift of immortality, 

Then why waste time in selfish thoughts and vanity? 

We are all pages of a never ending piece, each page a different story. 

We are all someone’s morning dew, someone’s pleasant coffee too. 

We are in a never ending battle of treachery, rivalry, love and peace. 

We are bits of a puzzle, an unsolved riddle. 

Then why not create a mosaic, we are in this together!

Sneha N Shastri
Sneha N Shastri

Apart from expressing her thoughts and opinions, Sneha also writes enthralling poetry and hard-to-put-down stories. 

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