What If? Beyond the Panorama October 26, 2021

What If?

Written by Anusha Sanyal

What if this tornado stopped?

What if I could reach it before it stopped?

What if you could see me, lying breathless on my bed

My face all red,

My thoughts charging at me one after the other; 

Either, rather, shudder, stutter

What if? 

Wandering, confined- the most incredible part of the mind,

What if… 

What if I undid these suture lines?

Would all these thoughts combine?

Here we are, at war again,

Impulse and reason go hand in hand

But all in vain.

What if, my thoughts weren’t battles?

What if, I can’t remember how,

What if, I let myself be?

And just set my thoughts free? 

Anusha Sanyal
Anusha Sanyal

Anusha expresses her emotion and opinions on the world through the power of her words, poetry. 

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