What It Takes To Build An Empire Beyond the Panorama March 30, 2021

What It Takes To Build An Empire

Writeen by Neelam Chari

O heart! 

That numb twitter inside will go on and on, so let that be, but you surface up to a solid being; that bouldery rock to build an empire. 

Place the blocks from the bottom, one and two, one and two, one and raise it to heights.   Lay the base for a magnificent palace and make a boundary for the frivolous, those ones who deserted you in your need and now need you for their pleasure. 

Your joy is depleted and you love no one,

you just focus on building the empire. 

Numb, it’s an endless cycle of building and breaking. 

Until one day where you just can’t do it anymore. 

<br>Neelam Chari

Neelam Chari

Neelam writes gripping stories, and all about her unique take on the world.

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