What Would Your Heart Look Like Beyond the Panorama July 24, 2020

What Would Your Heart Look Like


I suppose I think too much 

Maybe all the time, 

Maybe not at all 

But let me ask you 

Let me hand over the mic

How do you think your heart would look like?

Would it be made of glass? 

Revealing it’s most tender parts 

Even to an unknown passerby? 

Not afraid to let it shatter 

From the hands of someone that matters

Or maybe 

Someone you should have never loved 

With each heartbeat reverberating 

Bouncing and jumping and thumping

Off its fragile glass walls 

Reminding you of your fragile glass heart 

Your most fragile part?

Or would it be made of stone? 

Rock hard, cold, unforgiving stone 

Stone scraped to a shrapnel 

Tiny bits sticking out 

To hurt the ones you love 

Even if you try your best to love them back 

Everything you do 

Seems to hold everyone back 

And after it breaks 

You try to make it spark 

By rubbing the pieces 

Of your cold stone shattered heart 

But still you seem to pull everyone apart.

Or rather, would it be made of flesh 

But not just flesh, 

Flesh wound with string 

The piercing sting 

Of the blood and tears of years 

Gone by, 

And even though you try 

To get over the memories 

All you are left is with 

A pool of your own sorrow, pain and filth

Each heartbeat makes you feel the guilt

Because you know how it feels

To feel like you’re not here for real 

With each echoing beat 

Your heart feels like it getting beat 

Beat up for being dumb and numb.

But still there you be, 

Without a sound or a thing 

To say,

In the bearing of your poor heart. 

Or would it be of flashy neon signs 

Of everything your heart pines

For, but out of reach 

Yes, just a little breach 

In the electric love that once flowed 

Through your lifeless veins 

Keeping everyone away 

Are the nasty neon sparks 

That once fired up your pretty little neon heart 

Now just pretty neon art. 

But I guess,

In the end we all have to play a part 

In the making of our own heart.

Authored by Ishika Paul.

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