When I See It, I Want It Beyond the Panorama September 27, 2021

When I See It, I Want It

Written by Soujanya Hiremath

The farthest things, then seemed bigger

Bringing with it, the glory;

The closer things, then looked smaller

Fading away, unnoticed. 

The path that appeared here

I didn’t know where it led, 

The things that approached me, 

I didn’t know that I wanted them. 

Had they not appeared

Would I even want them? 

They don’t seem quite mine. 

I am human, just like any other: 

What’s not there, is what I want the most. 

Also, Soul I am, like nobody else:

What I have, is as eternal as I am. 

Soujanya Hiremath
Soujanya Hiremath

A lover of poetry and storytelling, Soujanya also expresses her views on the world through her writings.

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