When the Wonderland Came Home! | Sneha N Shastri Beyond the Panorama December 24, 2020

When the Wonderland Came Home! | Sneha N Shastri

To my long lost friend,

Color that captures the eyes; lights that twinkle around the campus and a world no less than a fairyland, yes I am talking about how our campus would look like in December. As I write this our fond memories of our school fest-“Kritva” flash by my eyes. I know not of how well you remember but I clearly see each of those silly things we did during the event.

Roaming those stalls hunting for delicacies; trying weird games and laughing at each other; going on the zip line and blaming each other for not getting the social media worthy picture, well now I am obliged to say, “Those were the days”.

Every year we stood on the corridor just to get this view and not to forget to appreciate the art teachers’ hard work. (I am laughing). I remember we stood by the corridor last year to get this picture for the gram and then we ended up standing on the corridor for half an hour and of course being screwed for not being really ‘vigilant’ vigilant officers. We used to laugh at people who appointed us for discipline maintenance duty. Little did I know back then when I said “I won’t even miss school, how will I miss you” that I would miss everything about school and especially you so much!

December was always about fun wasn’t it? The best part of December would be the cake making contest before kritva. Well both of us only attended school that week to have some lip smacking cake. I am laughing again with those peeping eyes as you used to call them :).  Making class models was another fun task; the entire class would turn into a set of professional fashion designers and craftsmen and contribute their bit to the model. Secret Santa was another exciting part of December. 

Oh these wonderful memories running through my head like a series of camera rolls! I wish we could be the same silly two roaming the school corridors and verandahs yet again. December has indeed given us the best memories to keep. Until next time, all I can do is to cherish the sweet memories we have of the time when the wonder-land came home!

Yours lovingly,

A friend longing for good old December days.

Written by Sneha N Shastri

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