When What You Want To Write Has Already Been Written  Beyond the Panorama January 28, 2023

When What You Want To Write Has Already Been Written 


Everything I want to write has already been written, every song I want to sing has already been sung. There’s a looming weight of monotony bearing down on my shoulders and it’s getting harder and harder to shrug off. 

I see the sun shining bright at 6:00 in the evening. I embrace the happiness that inevitably amalgamates itself with the summer vibe, and hope that all these feelings that I’m feeling somehow articulate themselves onto paper.
Can someone please do this for me? 

The food I’ve eaten today tastes the same as the drink I drank yesterday, and everything just feels one. Everyone feels one. 

We’re all sad about the same things, angry at the same people, and happy with nothing. Is it a cycle or are we all just in sync? 

Maybe I’m down with a serious case of writer’s block, or maybe I do have a point. Because when I sit down to write what I’m thinking, I realize that this thought has already been on someone else’s mind. 

It’s intimidating, annoying, and fascinating all at once. 

But maybe when I sit down to write about the beautiful mountains and gorgeous oceans and everything in between, I’m actually meant to be writing about my tiny little room with a huge pile of laundry waiting to be done and a creaky old bed that’s just waiting to break down. 

Maybe that’s all the inspiration I need today?

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