Where Can You Find Me? Beyond the Panorama June 22, 2021

Where Can You Find Me?

By Muskan Kapoor

After all this, for a pause

Found me in pages when I die

While reading my books, I don’t look at the sky

Twinkling stars were mere myth.

Find me in the fragrance of white orchids

More of a me is a collection of you,

Find me in memories

My handwritten letters, your view

Not in expensive things

My dresses and my belongings.

Find me in your favourites-

Your gadgets, musings and your pet peeves. 

I am a craver of all your desires.

Find me in your perfumes and your attires, 

Nothing of me for you is a waste

Find me in every little thing you saw me crave.

I’m sorry if I did anything wrong,

I was a lover of you so strong,

Nothing of me for you is a waste,

I’ll be present in your feelings 

When you breathe 

And in all my favourite things you will ever taste.

Muskan Kapoor
Muskan Kapoor

Muskan writes poetry that will leave you in awe and wonderment.

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