Why Does The Universe Want To Speak With Us? Beyond the Panorama April 6, 2021

Why Does The Universe Want To Speak With Us?

Written by Savina Shah

Chaos, distrust, confusion and catastrophe, resentment, suffering, and pain are unique situations for expansion. These moments enable us to peek at the Self: imaginations, fears, qualms, inner sadness, and Light. Within each condition is a hidden story, a message, a gift—a mission. 

Something pats upon the soul, imploring it to unfold, reconnect, and move toward home. There is something old within, and it understands a language we have long overlooked. But it is still there, ever-present and abiding. It is a distinct language that, if observed, can be discerned entirely over time. You must be keen to see with the eyes but acquire with the inner regard. Listen to it with the ears, but avail yourself of the profound inner hearing.

Most importantly, close the doubting intellect by overriding all empirical thought. Instead, entirely open your awareness and employ the intuition of the soul and the heart. Isolated in these tracts is your right brain, your soul’s receptors. These are the language headquarters of the Universe. The intellect may attempt to filter it, but the gut will decipher it, and the heart will incorporate it. Get ready to dive in for a full and engaging sensory experience.

Life is a continuation of contemplations and introspections, but more often than not, they are reflections of the way our senses misinterpret the Light. Despite what emerges, I want you to understand that Love invariably bolts the seeds of the Universe. Every experience is here to restore your gratitude and fondness of that intrinsic goodness within and without. Each instant, if you let yourself to be present, will allow you to see, hear, and feel an unfamiliar language that is calling you. It is beckoning to lead your way to a bigger truth. 

Let life support you in interacting, cackling, and fiddling with all you are, with all of YOU, throughout your human experience. Reckon that everything you engage with is you in a different form.

Your soul generates as a manifestation of Divine Essence. It is always related to and corresponding with that Essence. You are also that which was created. The Universe often sets symbols, hints, and dialogue in your path to assist full support to you so that you recognise your verity and most significant expression. You need only be the receiver, answering the calls as they appear. Then lean on and connect. 

Every facet of your kindness, intentions, attachments, and expressions carry clues to this incredible language. The Universe speaks to push you to the limit beyond your belief systems and self-inflicted limitations. It creates recurrence that will make you halt for an instant and ask yourself, “are you conversing with me? Was that sign meant for me?”

Symbols, signs and clues will appear. Are you prepared to expand your viewpoint and broaden your mind? Your spirit already feels, your core even realises the truth. The justification has to sit back, settle down and surrender, renouncing its desire for the story. 

The mind likes to identify what and why. It prefers to encircle justifications around things, binding perceptions that ultimately serve the tales we tell ourselves for the remainder of our lives and future generations. These become entrenched notions that restrict and impede us from understanding the enormous truth that we are.

You will come across symbols and signs. However, are you prepared to expand your opinion and belief? Your soul already is aware; your body even feels the truth. The mind has to sit back, resign, and forfeit its need for the story.

The mind likes to point out what and why. It loves to wrap explanations around things, connecting perceptions that ultimately become the tales we tell ourselves for the remainder of our existence on the planet. Over time, these become deep-rooted beliefs that limit and constrain us from understanding the substantial truth that we are. Can you delve thoroughly into your feelings and let go of the desire to make the judgment of how you will deal with? Instead, authorise your sense-abilities to steer and lead the way to discover how life is expressing itself around you—like YOU.

There is a deep conviction of great reality and understanding within the permanently expanding realm of life. Only truth can enhance. The Universe is an amazingly stunning impression of rapid, everlasting innovation wishing to uncover and know itself through each one of us. It employs every accessible unique creation to do so. Your products are everything from the words you utter and how you dwell your life to the car you drive. It is revealed in the place you work, and what is going on with your kids, and your beloveds. It propels itself through the clues and symbols that surround you. This extension is in everything you come across – your relationships, intimate connections, jobs, and social associations. Your language is in your experience. Are you willing to notice the details?

As the chat intertwines its voice through your past within each of your life situations, stroking facets of you uniquely, it is understood as a murmur deep in the soul. Your chore is to increase its volume and your own so that you create the discussion full of life and light. A monologue is continually transpiring via the messages within and around you. A dialogue begins when you take steps to respond. It is the dialogue of more significant guidance. It is the Universe conversing with you. You need only to say “YES!” Allow your feelings and cycles of thought to grow infinitely and suit all you are in your probability. The signs and symbols will continuously direct you in that way, and your inner discussion will be personal and extraordinary to you. You will also start to comprehend the dialogues of others, even if they cannot.

Your “YES” was the initiation of this great conversation. Are you listening? Will you respond to the call? Will you notice the things forever overflowing within your domain? Will you say “YES” again and again?

The mission of the soul encompassed chartering an experience of duality. You singled out from your True Essence and Power so that you could rejoice the journey back towards unity and peace. The satire is that you can never be independent of that which you are. This is the reason the dialogue is ever-present. It cannot flee because it is YOU. On each step, who “you are” is an essential step to who you will “becoming.” You are invariably in a state of “becoming.” Are you prepared to find out what that means? There will be signposts and guidelines to lead you to your fundamental “beingness” back to its perfect truth.

Human life is neither the onset nor end of the resurrecting journey of soul consciousness. It is a school that educates human beings on many levels. As you move on this path and cross hurdles on this path, you can find out how to headway gracefully rather than hurrying toward the finish line. It is within the pieces of this voyage lies real happiness and joy. Those natural and consequential but indirect mysterious nuances to aid staying in a state of bliss will introduce themselves at every turn.

Ultimately there is one language of the soul, that is love. However, many forms prevail for you to know this dialect of passion and love wholly. There is a particular bandwidth of information you will start to discover. They will benefit, perplex, and refresh you. You may confront acceleration in shift and transformation when electing to obey the guidance delivered. The direction is also soliciting your will and intended preference in the co-creative process.

Going through mutation is more heartfelt than what is instantly perceived. You are here to know your authentic relationship to the Source of all things, which ultimately is ALL things. In grasping the dialogue, that subtlety underlies all that arises. You have the chance to reunite with the planet around you, eventually knowing all it comprises are branches of your Self talking to the ONE Self that lingers.

You don’t need any new input; everything is already here. However, you may need light to shine on facets of YOU that you are missing out on. You may need to listen to it yet again, in terms relevant to the experiences at hand, within the tale of your existing soul journey. You are also to withstand it in the vastness it expresses—the expansiveness you reflect as.

You are not just the body, the intellect, attitude, quintessence and imperfection, but also the knowledge within. You are “experience” experiencing itself. And at some point, you may also be blessed with the actualisation that YOU are all experiences simultaneously, even beyond your body. Behold the “tangles” like experience. 

See the messages as experience. See yourself as the messenger and as the experience. Knowledge is available to you as chunks and facets of YOU- relating, conveying, and joining. In performing this, you ultimately will understand the reality as not being created from the outside but a reflection of the inside out.

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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