Work From Home Chronicles 2: Crazy To-Do Lists and Naps Beyond the Panorama July 16, 2020

Work From Home Chronicles 2: Crazy To-Do Lists and Naps


Gulping down orange juice to satisfy my rumbling tummy, I devour the stack of fluffy idlis I cooked for breakfast. This positive outlook towards a brand new day, early in the morning is still a new concept to me. I notice something else today- apart from guzzling down several plates of breakfast, I am not bound to any of my earlier schedules. Just like a caged bird out in the world for the first time, I am free! 

As I’m scribbling down my new schedule in a notebook that I bought years ago, but never picked up from my shelf of other such notebooks, I go crazy wild in constructing a new routine. First things first, after food, of course, is to get a bit of exercise done. 

However, five minutes and two push-ups later, I’m breathing heavily as I get bored and eventually end up using my phone for an hour. Typical. 

I should be getting lunch ready at this point, but I decide to work for a bit instead. I try to concentrate on the heavy stuff, ignore the rumbling coming from my stomach, then proceed to make a few important phone calls. After achieving not that much, I accept defeat and make my way to the kitchen. 

Too lazy to cook, I wait excitedly for my pizza to arrive as I scratch out the start eating healthy from today from my list of things-to-do. It’s thirty minutes after that I’m taking greedy bites of the pizza, watching absolute rubbish on the TV, that I’m mentally mapping out how I can salvage the rest of the day, and make it more productive. 

Confident and determined, and a little bit sleepy, I clear my desk of any junk lying around, get my laptop ready, and begin typing aggressively. This is going to be the most productive second-half of the day ever. 

I really don’t recall what happened after that, because I just woke up with a start. Lifting my head from my keyboard I look at the clock. I’ve been asleep for two whole hours, on my laptop, next to the cute notebook. From somewhere outside, I can smell the sinful scent of pizza trickle into the room and offend my nose, making my eyelids heavy once again. 

What am I to do with my crazy wild list now?

Radhika Sethi
Radhika Sethi

Radhika loves to write about her travel adventures, book reviews, and all about her experiences with society. 

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