Work From Home Chronicles: What Finally Pushed Me to Create a Workspace Beyond the Panorama July 10, 2020

Work From Home Chronicles: What Finally Pushed Me to Create a Workspace

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I woke up to a sunny morning view and chirping birds. Usually, I’d cover my ears with the pillow, begging for it to stop, for the alarm to stop blaring- just 5 more minutes! But today is a whole different story, I’m up and ready, after a good night’s sleep, feeling hopeful about my day ahead. A feeling strange to me, but I’m excited to begin work from home nonetheless. 

To be very frank, I think the whole office environment is overrated, I’d much rather snuggle under the blanket, warm and cozy, laptop in my hand as I sip my coffee and not some overpriced sugary concoction of syrups. 

I’ve been sitting in the same position for some time now and I can feel an uncomfortable twinge in my back start to make an appearance. I stretch and silently thank the heavens that no one can hear me crack my joints of an old woman – I think the time has come to get out of this room and make my bed now.

The living room is a whole other story- if the Bollywood music playing from the stereo wasn’t annoying enough, the barking of the dog interspersed with the clanging of utensils from the kitchen, chit-chat of my aunt screaming on the phone, made my head spin a little. 

Sitting in the kitchen and working was nearly impossible, be it mom’s irresistible urge to feed me constantly or the chaos of washing utensils. That was a no-go area. 

I’m back in my room now, contemplating my life choices as I look at the mess I’ve made in my room. Sigh. 

I eye the chair in the corner, and accept the reality – an established workspace is necessary to actually get work done.

Radhika Sethi
Radhika Sethi

Radhika loves to write about her travel adventures, book reviews, and all about her experiences with society.

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