You Are Invaluable, Worth So Much More Beyond the Panorama April 10, 2021

You Are Invaluable, Worth So Much More

Written by Nistha Deka

“You are all the colours in one at full brightness “

-Jennifer Niven, All the bright places

Our lives are ironies, 

We live to leave one day, 

It’s in this short span that we are given the chance to do everything we wish to. 

We need to be genuine about whatever we feel. 

For every part of life ends before we even get the hang of it.

Like a movie ends making you ask for more, 

Like a book ends leaving you emotionally devastated, 

Like a song that we wish to keep on repeat, 

Maybe we should start being more real to ourselves first than others, because we live for ourselves,

To live with others well.

And need to do what’s best for us before giving it all away, 

You are somebody who has been crafted with perfection already, 

Always be in your best version. 

You are like the ray of sunshine on a cold winter day, 

You are beautiful and perfect with your imperfections.

You are meant for much greater things in life, 

And not just meant for settling for less than what you deserve, 

You are invaluable, worth so much more. 

You are you and that’s what makes you stand out from others and unique in your own way. 

Nistha Deka
Nistha Deka

A lover of movies and books, and a traveler by nature, Nistha narrates her experiences through her stories and poetry. Her motivational quotes are inspiring and awe-inducing all at once. 

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