Your Lie in April Beyond the Panorama October 28, 2020

Your Lie in April

“I met the girl under full bloomed cherry-blossoms and my fate began to change.”

Some stories are adventurous, some are science fiction and some are fantasy. Some movies are coloured, some are black and white, and some are silent while most have sound. Among all these, there are some, those few hidden gems, which are just beautiful. Your Lie in April is such a story. It follows Arima Kousei and his two childhood friends, as they step forward to take their place in time and their lives get intertwined with Miyazono Kaori and a lie.

Arima Kousei is a fallen prodigy. He was a pianist that stayed true to the sheet music, second per second, beat by beat dominating every competition. But now he is stuck at the bottom of an ocean of silence. Ever since the day his strict mother, also his teacher, died, the pianist can no longer hear his playing, can no longer play the piano, a part of his own body.

One day in April, ten years later, he stands waiting near a park for his best friends Tsubaki Wasabe and Ryota Watari to go on a double date with a girl who likes Watari. As he waits, he hears the soft notes of a melodica. He searches for the source of the music, flowing gently along the spring breeze. Then he sees her, atop the dome shelter under the cherry blossoms with a melodic in her hand and tears in her eyes. Miyazono Kaori, the girl who likes his best friend. At that moment his life begins to change. Everything he sees, everything he hears, everything he feels, the world around him starts taking on colour.

Kaori is the complete opposite of Kousei, a violinist with an unusual zest for life. She plays to her heart’s content, with no regard for the original score even on the competition stage, to the dismay of judges and the absolute delight of her audiences. When she appoints Arima as her accompanist on the piano, they embark on a journey. She brings back Kousei on the stage, where he belongs, and helps him realize that maybe, just maybe the light can reach to the bottom of a dark sea. Amongst all this trivial and unforgettable moments surrounding a lie, Kaori battles her sickness and Kousei his past. 

Your Lie in April is an unforgettable story of four friends, two musicians and two jocks, caught in the inevitable spiral of life as they try to find themselves again. It is a story of a lie spun around music, friendship and tears (too many I’m afraid). The beautiful storyline is encompassed in spectacular animation and brilliant screenplay. It is a must watch for not only any anime lover, but also anyone who appreciates the art of cinematography and the power of music.

Your Lie in April will leave you awestruck, and a little bit heartbroken. It will show you the undeniable power of human struggle and love, and that sometimes, music might just be able to transcend words. The characters and their music will find their way into your heart and will give you a story that will stay with you forever.

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Mihika Agrawal
Mihika Agrawal

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