You’ve Always Been Enough Beyond the Panorama September 3, 2021

You’ve Always Been Enough

Written by Ananyaa Singh

Ever since I was a kid,

I had this habit of apologizing-

apologizing for others’ mistakes, 

apologizing even without making any of my own.

The reason was,

I was scared

I was scared of people leaving me,

I was scared of being left behind.

But still I lost a lot of people in my life who promised to stay with me forever.

I tried to make them stay. 

I apologized,

I begged,

I cried,

I did everything I could,

But they left me.

They left me with a carousel of questions and self doubt.

Time and again I have blamed myself for others leaving me.

I tried to change myself

to please others,

to make them stay,

and in the process

I lost myself,

Only to realize

late, very late

that I can’t force others to stay 

at the cost of,

changing and losing myself.

But better late than never. 

Today I want you to know that,

It’s okay 

People leave, darling.

You can’t make them stay.

It will be hard letting people go,

but you should do it.

You should do it for yourself.

You don’t owe apologies to everyone.

The only person who deserves you and your apologies is you.

Today I want you to promise to yourself-

To be there for yourself,

To never lose yourself.


You alone are enough.

Ananyaa Singh

Ananyaa writes reviews on book and movies, stories based on experiences and poetry inspired from life.

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