About Beyond the Panorama October 24, 2014

let's take you beyond!

At Beyond The Panorama, we seek to take your truly beyond. Beyond the visible horizon – into the world of storytelling!

Beyond The Panorama is a content marketing company that works with brands to build a successful content strategy. Our expertise lies in working with founders and marketers in building a strong brand narrative and a 360-degree marketing plan. 

The BTP Magazine is an exclusive curation of short stories and poetry with an Indian context. This is your daily dose of non-news reading. Written by carefully selected writers and poets, the BTP Magazine is a work of passion and love for the art of storytelling. 


For Brands

The lifeblood of digital-marketing anatomy is content, and Team BTP’s expertise lies in building a Content Ecosystem that integrates and synergises every content touchpoint for your business. Right from content strategy and content writing to content creation – be it product descriptions, blog writing, newsletters, emails, founder’s letters, white papers, social media campaigns, and more. 

For Writers

Beyond The Panorama is a platform for writers of different opinions and varied experiences, like a fresh canvas waiting to be splattered and brought to life by art. If you would to publish your short story or poem, do write in. 

Also inviting opinion-makers and writers who have observations on the world of marketing and business. Get your insights published on the BTP Magazine.

 If you would like to become a contributor at Beyond The Panorama, please write to us at: hello@beyondthepanorama.com 

Personal Coaching & Mentoring Solutions 

Transform yourself and unleash your full potential as our expert life coach becomes your friend and confidante. Our expert mentor and trained NLP practitioner guides to live a balanced and purpose-driven life. 

Our management consulting in business operations and life coaching space:

Vineet Sethi Consulting help transform individuals and organizations, empowering them to unleash their fullest potential. The solutions stem from an approach of customizing solutions to create a culture of Continuous Improvement.  

If you would like to chat further, please fill out the form below or write to us at hello@vineetsethi.com