The Hallway Of Closure Beyond the Panorama January 5, 2022

The Hallway Of Closure

Written by Ayush Banerjee

Staring towards

the hallway of emptiness

with frozen feet,

my eyes stumbled upon

a cluster of fireflies

that shed light 

on my presence. 

‘Twas a bleak path

with uneven crevices,

like the lumpy surface

of crooked branches,

like the bulging furrow

of gravel and sand,

indefinite, yet indicative of growth. 

Two steps forward

and what lay before me

was an enormous cactus,

shredding tears of belongingness

in the form of its thorns,

falling onto the surface

as every minute passed by. 

All I could hear,

but was still hideous

to the naked eye,

was its high-pitched shrill

like a bird, 

flapping its wings,

after being caged for years. 

I wish I could help,

I wish I could fix you,

I wish I could take you home,

but I could feel my feet

wishing to move on

as you weren’t 

the only broken soul that needed help. 

The hallway broadened,

whilst managing to creak

like rusted doors;


yet, inviting,

at the blink of an eye

I had sea waves caressing my feet. 

The turbulent waves

crashed onto a desolate island

and I had found myself

in the land that belongs

to the dead, deceased 

and frowned upon

by we, the people. 

Seclusion lingered

in every breath,

it is here wherein

the sinners,

obsolete and unnamed, rot

and the ghastly, righteous king

deduces the existence of a misfortunate

into the flaring pyre. 

A chilly breeze

with the ashes

of a juvenile addict,

brushed through my face;

he, who had a watch no more

as his time had now blended with the soil,

stirred by the blackened fingers of the mad king. 

A stream of questions

gushed into my mind: 

Who decides a sinner?

Is it your law?

(Who judges your law to be fair?)

Is it your religion?

(Who is it that wrote religion?)

Is it your purchased minds?

(How many are there that your tainted money can buy?)

Is it you?

(Who made you the decision maker above He?)


Is it your fear?

If God had existed

treachery would’ve cast a shadow,

on the mind, beheaded,

one who kills in the name

of the loose ended religion,

one who bites on food

whilst the innocent is electricuted. 

If God had existed,

then a cactus

would be a plant

on the topmost shelf

and its soft interior would be valued

alongside its roughened exterior. 

God is created

by those very minds

that sin every other day,

swearing on its name

and butchering lives

and emptying the brains

of those that speak against the hierarchy. 

Pride in the eyes

of the fortunate with a sturdy shelter,

Greed, Gluttony and Sloth on the fingertips 

of a corrupt monarch,

Lust and Envy, stained on the soul

of he who deems to be His messenger

and Wrath, engraved in glossy metal, on a horse’s whip. 

Where is You,

the unbiased one

to put an end to misery?

Where is You,

the almighty

to decide above all

and to sow the seeds of a fair life? 

Good and the evil

never existed,

until our minds

decided to use 

the malfunctioning machine

of judgement and prudence

to attach labels on every object in sight. 

Ayush Banerjee
Ayush Banerjee

A poetry connoisseur, Ayush writes what he sees, experiences, and believes. 

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