A Note to You Beyond the Panorama April 5, 2021

A Note to You

Written by Sauradeepa Raha

Hey You,

If you’re reading this, here’s a little reminder for you.

You, yes you are a precious, golden human being and every single thing you do, every breath you take counts for something. You have got to love yourself, wake up early and feel the warm, glittering sunlight caressing your face. You have got to look into the mirror, stare right into your broken self and smile, and believe that someday wildflowers would grow in each of your voids and cracks. 

You have got to wear your favorite orange dress you haven’t worn for years without feeling guilty of flaunting your curves. You have got to slip into a bookstore unnoticed and get lost in the wistfulness of fresh pages and heartwarming stories. You need to visit a museum and douse yourself in art. If you haven’t ordered one or perhaps two tubs of vanilla ice-cream all for yourself while you sit in the corner of a cafe and observe love brewing into life between souls at the other corner, what really are you doing?. 

You should write stories about little girls swaying ponytails on their way to school and buy books, music CDs, jewels, flower bouquets and everything else that makes you happy. You have got to sit in a park bench and start a conversation with unknown people. 

You must tell the person next to you that they have got beautiful eyes and that their hair reminds you of honey drenched summer skies. You have got to run barefoot up the hill amidst tall grasses and inhale, inhale the breeze lapping at your cheeks. You have got to ditch concerns about your future in a trashcan for everything would be just fine, reach home late and dance wildly to the song you had heard at the nightclub. 

You have got to celebrate happiness and heartbreaks alike with wine and pizzas. You have got to laugh for no reason, hope fiercely for a better day and hug yourself tight, real tight before you go to bed. Everything you do, you have got to live in every second, live for your own self before anything else and this, this is the perfect moment to start. 

Sauradeepa Raha
Sauradeepa Raha

Sauradeepa is a poet, a storyteller, and never stops herself from voicing her opinion on society.

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