I am a Long Lost City Beyond the Panorama April 26, 2021

I am a Long Lost City

Written by Shailja Bahety

After so many months

My pen has greeted a blank life 

It convinced me, 

But I don’t want to inject its void. 

With the stars, moon or sky 

All that signified you once 

Yet there is something 

Breathing on my chest, 

A stained barren map.

Your feet were the waves 

Of the ocean, I kept diving in 

And your limbs, the bridges 

I kept riding. 

Your palms were the beaches

Where I built a castle of hope,

The wind wafting around me

Were your fingers and toes. 

The rain held me evergreen 

When you used to sprinkle the water

From your hair willfully 

To drench me into you again. 

Your face lived a universe

With the stars, twinkled eyes. 

The song that the sun once sung

Your lips kept whistling all the time, 

And your heart was the city 

I kept roaming around.

But the city got torn from the map 

And you took it with you. 

It was near the centre, 

Now the hole is breathing through

I tried to fix it with tapes and glue

But it was never you. 

Whenever anything shattered and broke, 

It was you who always built it up again

And now all of a sudden there’s no you.

And here I am, 

After so many months 

My pen has greeted a blank life 

But today I’ll fill it with all that broke in me

Once you told me to let it all out,

That is damage in you

Let yourself be broken and cracked 

Because that’s how the crevices take shape

And when love will penetrate inside you, 

You’ll heal yourself. 

I know as a star 

You’re now on the map of constellation too

And I caught you smiling merrily

Because you know

I found my long lost city too.

Shailja Bahety
Shailja Bahety

A movie buff, Shailja writes thought-provoking book reviews and intricate poetry.

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