The Charge That Stays – Dishonour and Ridicule Beyond the Panorama April 24, 2021

The Charge That Stays – Dishonour and Ridicule

Written by Parshva Mehta

“Dishounor waits on the perfidy. A man should blush to think a falsehood, it is the crime of the cowards.” – Samuel Jonhson.

What agony can be greater to a truthful man than being accused as being deceitful? What agony can be greater to a soldier than being casted as a traitor? What anguish can be greater to a true lover who is charged as being a cheater?

A man of honour could survive the greatest of downfalls but will be unable to carry the burden of being framed as someone who he isn’t or as someone whose vices he has despised his entire life.

As, the only earning a man yearns his entire life, however small it may be, is the recognition of his character and his trustworthiness.

I realize that how much ever a man may possess, the epitome smile on his face is earned when someone pats him on his back and says – I knew you could do this, I knew I could trust you with this, I believe you could not never do that, I believe in you. This coming from any revered person like the elderly, the loved ones or the friends, or even complete strangers for that matter could steer a lost man home.

There are various instances where one finds that more than the loss of other things, the thought that one will lose his reputed image, impends a man to take the farthermost step. Imagine an honest wage earner whose only earnings of his life is his character is now charged with a theft of a small penny. For some, it might not even matter, the accusers would whisper and go. The honest man who has only accumulated character his entire life is now left with a shredded one and that leaves a feeling of emptiness. The man stunned, is unable to react to the fact that he could even be accused of such a thing in the first place and is left to anxiety. On top of this, this also gives a chance to his enemies to ridicule him when the wound is fresh and demolish the remains of the already ruined castle.

Although some may laugh and pass it off as a joke as they may be too proud to take the jibe seriously on themselves. They are the people who are actually without any character.

According to me this is the charge from which no one ever recovers because someone somewhere will always take this issue up when the person is fighting for the righteous thing and will ridicule him again.

This poem is written with some background in this regard. If all great men would be doubted of their character, I wonder even we could have a single idol. This way no man could ever place trust in another. Thereby ending the virtue of trust in the society. I hope the readers of this article would understand that consequences of blaming someone of his character.

P.S. – Man here is supposed to include women as well.

A man can be Deprived of indefinite items in life,

Wealth, health, Intelligence or some loved ones over a strife.

Such incidents happen due to ill-fate or bad decisions Sometimes,

But learning from such setbacks, regaining his strength, he Hops back and chimes.

But the One strike which leaves an incurable lethal wound on the soul of thy mortal,

Is the Nemesis when he is falsely charged of being dishounorable and immoral.

Because when the existence of Onething which kept him battling through, is doubted

He is left with nightmares of being Unable to justify himself and being ridiculed at every corner which shouted.

The trustworthy is now alleged and shall be Realized as a deceptive,

No man in the realm will Entrust another as the truth will be held captive.

Alas, only a few men are haunted with the burden to prove one’s honour,

As the Deceitful will not have any remorse or may laugh it away in a corner.

Parshva Mehta
Parshva Mehta

Parshva writes about spirituality, poetry, and this opinions on the world. 

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