Letting Go and Moving On Beyond the Panorama October 26, 2021

Letting Go and Moving On

Written by Shweta Mahani

Letting go is onerous,

Don’t be hesitant. 

Gradually, the right note

Will fall at the right place,

At the right pace. 

Keep the faith

Let bygones be bygones,

Accept things with a smile, 

And move on. 

Memories of the past 

May get in your way,

Don’t get stuck

Between the lines. 

Unless you fix on,

Get your head in the game,

And learn to let things go, 

You won’t be able to live life on your own terms. 

Shweta Mahani
Shweta Mahani

A poet and storyteller, Shweta writes from her personal experiences in ways that expresses her creative mind.

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